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About Us

Our Board and volunteer corps is made up of educators, photographers, interior decorators, social workers, web designers and just great people with hearts that want to help families in our community. Many of us have experienced abrupt, life-altering events that required change and rebuilding. While we have been blessed with the insulation of faith, family, friends, church communities, education, and savings accounts to help start over after the traumatic life shift, we know that not all people have support networks to help in times of crisis. Our vision is to be that support network for those who may not have one.

We believe that students who have a desk will be better able to study, families who have a kitchen table will eat together more regularly, and parents who have calm, peaceful surroundings will be better able to meet their responsibilities.  We strive to help tentatively stable families become permanently stable families by providing the extra layer of a comfortable and functional living space.


Amy Silvas

Board Member – President


As the founder and President of MiAH, Amy enjoys the relationships and creative challenges MiAH brings into her life.  She has lived in Colorado Springs for fifteen years and enjoys bringing hope to this city, one family at a time. She is also a speech language pathologist for a local public school.  Amy enjoys reading, writing, playing games, following politics and being involved in her church. She loves her children and her patient, supportive husband.

Pamela McJoynt

Board Member - Vice President


Pamela joined the MiAH team after volunteering on its fourth project and has been hooked ever since.  Her creative nature coupled with her years of military moves, where she would create beautiful spaces for her family on a tight budget, are valued talents. As one of the project designers, Pamela meets with clients and listens to understand what would make their heart sing. Once the initial appointment is complete, she goes to work to locate items and create a dream space. Her joy comes from the expressions on each recipient’s face during the reveal. Aside from her work with MiAH, Pamela loves her time in the kitchen creating cakes and meals for her family. She also is an avid golfer and loves spending time camping.


Nichole Lively

Board Member – Secretary


Nichole has served on the MiAH board since it first began.  Her love of photography and helping others has been a benefit to MiAH and the community it serves. The best part of a project for Nichole is visualizing the project and seeing the finished space, which also makes her an excellent photographer. When she is not with MiAH, she loves spending time with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.

Inés Stabler

Board Member – Treasurer


A recent addition to the MiAH board, Inés has taken on the role of treasurer.  Her greatest fulfillment is in the behind-the-scenes aspect of a project where her family often joins her in service. Inés is a bi-lingual educator who works with families who are culturally and linguistically diverse.  Her ability to connect and welcome others is one of her natural traits that spills over into her work with the families and volunteers of MiAH.  Inés enjoys traveling with her family, watching sports, and walking her dogs.


Diane Myers

Board Member


As one of our founding members, Diane’s passion is service to others. She and her husband have spent their 39 years of marriage ministering and loving on people.  Her background includes service to single moms, children, women’s ministry, worship and mentorship.  She also worked in public education for twenty-one years helping students with special needs. Diane’s favorite part of a project is the collaboration that occurs between everyone, which ultimately provides hope for the recipient. This hard-working farm girl from Wisconsin enjoys gardening, walking her dog Remi, and playing the piano.

Wendy Oliver

Board Member


Wendy is one of the “Original” Board Members. Her journey from an upper middle class, marriage of 20 years, to one as a single mother in homelessness fighting to begin again, has given her a glimpse into what MiAH clients may have experienced.  This life changing event launched her into starting Arise to Freedom, a nonprofit where she comes along side other women in similar circumstances. The collaboration between MiAH and the people being served is Wendy’s favorite aspect, as she sees it as a profound healing moment for the client. Although much of Wendy’s time is spent in advocacy, she still finds time to enjoy the Colorado landscape and time with her children and friends.


Molly Gargala

Board Member


Molly is the newest member of the MiAH Board. She is a retired Air Force Officer and Nurse Practitioner who showed great compassion for her patients. Working with MiAH, Molly’s joy comes from seeing others overcome obstacles. Watching a project come together and seeing the impact MiAH can make for someone who is working towards a new future, tugs at her heartstrings. Molly values family and is fortunate to have all her children and grandchildren living nearby.  She and her husband enjoy remodeling homes as well as outdoor activities.

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