About Us

Our Board and volunteer corps is made up of educators, photographers, interior decorators, social workers, web designers and just great people with hearts that want to help families in our community. Many of us have experienced abrupt, life-altering events that required change and rebuilding. While we have been blessed with the insulation of faith, family, friends, church communities, education, and savings accounts to help start over after the traumatic life shift, we know that not all people have support networks to help in times of crisis. Our vision is to be that support network for those who may not have one.

We believe that students who have a desk will be better able to study, families who have a kitchen table will eat together more regularly, and parents who have calm, peaceful surroundings will be better able to meet their responsibilities.  We strive to help tentatively stable families become permanently stable families by providing the extra layer of a comfortable and functional living space.